Upcoming MDC: 17 July 2010

We start to have Milonga del Corazón because our hearts are truly in tango. We'd like to offer a space where people in Hong Kong can experience the milongas in Buenos Aires - dancing in a cosy place with traditional tango music. We may not be able to offer grand and historical dance hall that like Salon Canning and Niño Bien, but we pay the greatest respect to the classical music like most milongas in Buenos Aires do. We carefully arrange and select the most danceable music in our milonga, as we believe that one of the keys to understand tango is to dance with the most sophisticated music in the tango history. We wish you enjoy dancing in our milonga, and experience the unique sensations that derived from embracing with the tango music from the golden era. 我們開始辨 Milonga del Corazón 是因為我們真的心愛探戈。我們希望在香港提供一個可以體驗布宜諾斯艾利斯milonga的地方﹣在有傳統探戈音樂的舒適氣氛下跳舞。我們或許不能提供像Salon Canning 或 Niño Bien那種有氣派有悠久歷史的舞池,但我們像布宜諾斯艾利斯大部份Milonga一樣十分尊重傳統的探戈音樂。我們精心安排和挑選最適合跳舞的音樂,因為我們深信要了解探戈其中之一的關鍵便是跟探戈歷史中最有深度的音樂跳舞。我們希望你喜歡在我們的Milonga跳舞,並體會到擁抱經典探戈音樂所帶來的奇妙感覺。 Emily and Coleman

Monday, July 16, 2007

The 1st movie with sound in the history of Argentinian films

This is simply amazing. You can see how milonga looked like in the 30s. See the line of dance and the traffic of the dance floor and how people embraced and imvited lady to dance with cabecio!!!



Royce Chau said...

Hey, I think in this movie setting, the guy cabecio the lady for an affair rather than for a dance! However, the most worth watching in this clip is the legendary dancer El Cachafaz dancing with his partner Carmencita Calderón. In this clip we can see his famous move - kicking his leg high up to the lower back of the lady.

NYC Tango Pilgrim said...

I believe it is spelled as cabeceo.

I enjoyed reading your blog nonetheless. Next time I go back to HK, I will definitely drop in to one of these milongas. I am wondering what it is like to dance with fellow Chinese.