Upcoming MDC: 17 July 2010

We start to have Milonga del Corazón because our hearts are truly in tango. We'd like to offer a space where people in Hong Kong can experience the milongas in Buenos Aires - dancing in a cosy place with traditional tango music. We may not be able to offer grand and historical dance hall that like Salon Canning and Niño Bien, but we pay the greatest respect to the classical music like most milongas in Buenos Aires do. We carefully arrange and select the most danceable music in our milonga, as we believe that one of the keys to understand tango is to dance with the most sophisticated music in the tango history. We wish you enjoy dancing in our milonga, and experience the unique sensations that derived from embracing with the tango music from the golden era. 我們開始辨 Milonga del Corazón 是因為我們真的心愛探戈。我們希望在香港提供一個可以體驗布宜諾斯艾利斯milonga的地方﹣在有傳統探戈音樂的舒適氣氛下跳舞。我們或許不能提供像Salon Canning 或 Niño Bien那種有氣派有悠久歷史的舞池,但我們像布宜諾斯艾利斯大部份Milonga一樣十分尊重傳統的探戈音樂。我們精心安排和挑選最適合跳舞的音樂,因為我們深信要了解探戈其中之一的關鍵便是跟探戈歷史中最有深度的音樂跳舞。我們希望你喜歡在我們的Milonga跳舞,並體會到擁抱經典探戈音樂所帶來的奇妙感覺。 Emily and Coleman

Saturday, January 02, 2010

MDC with DJ Kitty

Milonga del Corazon is glad to have DJ Kitty in the coming three milongas!

Kitty began her tango journey at the end of 1999 and started
playing music in 2003. She soon developed a serious interest in
the historical and cultural background of tango music. Since
then she became a regular DJ in the HK tango community and played in several milongas in Beijing and Shanghai. For Kitty,
no two milongas are the same. Her DJ preference includes primarily music from the Golden Age and an emphasis on variety, danceability, and sensitivity to the floor energy. She also prefers well structured tandas and cortinas, the latter she believes contributes as much to the mood of a milonga as the tandas. Recently Kitty devotes more of her time in promoting tango music an its culture in the hopes of enriching the tango community. She develops and coordinates the ARTango Cultural Series for TangoTang and occasionally DJs in practicas and milongas.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

MDC with performance of Gustavo Lin and Weining Chen from Taiwan on 5 Sep

Milonga Del Corazon, after Daniel and Annie, Hung Yut and Hwayi, we again have the honour to invite other couple of real great tango masters in Asia - Gustavo and Weining, to perform for us on 5 Sept (Sat). Price remains $80!!!

About Gustavo Lin and Weining Chen
Gustavo Lin started to promote tango in Taipei 9 years ago. To feel more about tango and learn with masters, he has visited B.A multiple times.
Weining Chen is a professional modern dancer & choreographer for 7 years. She started to tango in 2005.

Gustavo & Weining met each other in a milonga at 2006. Because of the warming embrace, they decided to partner and work together.
Now they teach and share their tango passion in Taipei and other cities in Asia . They wish more Asia people can enjoy tango more with the
embrace with the music with their friends.

More about the performers - http://www.tango-gustavo.tw/

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Free guided practica on "The Attitude and Connection of Tango" with Hung Yut & Hwayi on 1 Aug 09

After their successful and well-received performance in Milonga Del Corazon, we have invited Hung Yut and Hwayi again to have a free guided practica on Aug 1!

What is the Guided Practica about? "The Attitude and Connection of Tango

When? 1Aug, 2009 (Sat), 8.30 - 10.00pm (the free guided practica), 10.00 pm - 1.30 am (the milonga)

Where? Amico Studio, 2/F, 167-169 Hennessy Road, Wanchai

Who can attend? recommended to those who love dancing in a milonga, have at least 1-3 year dancing experience and basic knowledge about close embrace

How much? FREE! $80 for the entrance of Milonda del Corazón - with drinks and snacks always! No extra fee for the class.

I want to know more! Contact Coleman - (852) 9267 6627 / Emily - (852) 9406 0996 /email your question to milonga.corazon@gmail.com

Who are they? Hung-Yut (Leonel) grew up in Hong Kong but spent most of his adult life in the United States. He met Hwaiy (Florencia) in Korea in 2005, soon thereafter they began their partnership. Together they are very active in promoting Argentine Tango culture in Korea. They regularly teach, perform, and organize milongas in Seoul and other Korean cities. In May 2009 they started organizing the annual Seoul Tango Festival, which attracted over 200 Korean and 70 international dancers.For more information about them and their tango activities, please visit http://www.leoyflor.com/.

Hung-Yut and Hwayi understand the frustration of learning Argentine Tango. There are many great Argentinian masters, their dance is amazing, but they all tell us different things and sometimes they even contradict each other.
Hung-Yut and Hwayi understand because they went through the same process. They took classes from visiting teachers, they practiced in practicas, they watched videos and they stayed up late at night taking about tango with their friends. And like a good number of us, they learned Spanish and went to Buenos Aires multiple times.

Eventually they have arrived at a tango that they can comfortably enjoy with Argentinians and non-Argentinians alike. They have been sharing their experiences with the Korean tango community with success, and they would like to share the same with you.

Monday, May 25, 2009

MDC with performance of Hung Yut and Hwayi from Korea

Milonga Del Corazon has invited one of the best tango teachers and performers in Asia to perform on 6 June (Sat). Price remains $80!!!

About Hung Yut and Hwayi

Florencia (Hwayi) studied ballet in high school and college, and subsequently worked as a professional musical actress for 8 years. In 2004, she participated in the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires and won second prize in the stage section.

Leonel (Hung-Yut) grew up in Hong Kong but spent most of his adult life in the United States. In 2002, he won first prize at the USA Tango Contest in Los Angeles. He met Florencia in Korea in 2005, soon thereafter they began their partnership.

Together they are very active in promoting Argentine Tango culture in Korea. Besides teaching, performing, and organizing milongas, they have also invited Javier Rodriguez and Andrea Misse to Seoul for annual workshops since 2007.

Leonel is also a reputable DJ. He plays music regularly in Seoul, and has been invited to DJ at various Tango festivals inside and outside of Korea.

In 2009 they started organizing the Seoul Tango Festival.

Florencia (韓璄兒)中學和大學時期主修芭蕾舞,之後從事專業舞台音樂劇表演工作八年。開始其探戈生涯後,在2004年參加布宜諾斯艾利斯的世界探戈大賽並得到舞台組的第二名。

Leonel (陳行一)在香港出生長大,及後在美國工作生活。在2002年他得到洛杉磯美國探戈大賽第一名。2005年旅居韓國時他遇到 Florencia 旋即開始他們的合作關係。

在南韓他們致力發揚阿根廷探戈文化,除教學表演辦舞會外,亦連續兩年邀請 Javier Rodriguez 與 Andrea Misse 到首爾辦工作坊。

Leonel 亦是一位 DJ 能手,除了在首爾的週期性舞會播放音樂之外,亦時而在韓國或國外的大型活動擔任 DJ。


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Celebrate MDC Second Anniversary with Debut Perforamce of Daniel & Annie from Taiwan, 21 Feb 09 (Sat)

Daniel Liu

Professional tango dancer and choreographer. Pioneer of argentine tango in Taiwan and leader of the Taipei Tango Association, founded back in year 2000 and the one and only organization in Taiwan exclusively devoted to the promotion of tango. Founder of the Taipei Tango Festival, which has become the most popular and one of the most important tango events in Asia, attracting over 300 tango lovers from all over the world.

Annie Tsai

Tango teacher and performer at Tanguisimo Tango Space in Taipei. Started dancing tango at the end of 2005 when a man asked her to dance and thus she fell in love with that man and with tango after dancing a tanda together. With the passion of tango, she went to Argentina for two times in 2007 in search of a deeper meaning and of tango skills. Whenever she feels hurt, she dances tango and then she can embrace the pain, which is actually beautiful and brings you closer with the people. Annie says: “I love tango because it is tragedy, and tragedy always has more mysterious meanings.”